SXP30 Led Structured Light Emitter

SXP30 Led Structured Light Emitter

Smart Vision Lights

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Structured Light Projectors

The SXP30 Series Projector Light offers the most intense projected pattern offered from an LED. The 9 mm2 die size emits 9x the inten- sity as a standard high-output LED. The housing is constructed of finned 6061-T6 aluminum and designed to dissipate as much heat as possible, therefore allowing the LED to be run at a much higher current than the standard 1 mm2 die LEDs. Multiple interchangeable pattern styles are available along with optional custom patterns. The SXP30 Series is able to project a thinner and more defined pattern of light compared to laser projectors, making the SXP30 a more accurate light.

SXP30 Projector Light Features

  • 5-pin M12 quick disconnect
  • Multiple interchangeable patterns
  • Built-in SMART driver – no external driver needed
  • PNP and NPN strobe input
  • Continuous operation or strobe mode
  • Analog intensity 0–10 V DC signal

Standard Lens Optics

Lens Optics


Note: Not all colors/wavelengths are available for every product.
Contact us for any custom wavelengths, including amber, dark red and maroon.

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