SX30-N4 Prox Light

SX30-N4 Prox Light

Smart Vision Lights

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30mm Barrel Spot Lights

The Prox Light Series of spot lights features single 5 W LEDs in small 30 mm barrel sensor housings. The housings are industry-standard thread- ed-barrel M30 x 1.5 style used for proximity and photoelectric sensors. The lights are available in white, red, amber, blue, green, cyan, IR, and UV. The Prox Light Series includes an integrated Multi-Drive™ constant current driver that operates continuously or in OverDrive™ strobe mode with PNP/NPN trigger control. Multiple variations of this product are available, including a strobe-only ultra-high intensity OverDrive™ model, remote head unit, fiber optic illuminator, and adjustable spot.

SX30 Prox Light Features

  • M12 quick disconnect
  • PNP and NPN strobe input
  • Built-in SMART driver – no external driver needed
  • Continuous operation or strobe mode
  • Analog intensity 0–10 V DC signal
  • Narrow 4 Degree Lenses

Standard Lens Optics

Lens Optics


Note: Not all colors/wavelengths are available for every product.
Contact us for any custom wavelengths, including amber, dark red and maroon.

Color Wavelengths