DLP Dimmable Diffuse Ring Light Panels

DLP Dimmable Diffuse Ring Light Panels

Smart Vision Lights

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Diffuse Ring Light Panels

The DLP Front Light Series of dimmable lights is highly versatile with many custom sizes available. The series offers backlit LEDs for a more intense and highly diffuse lighting option. With its built-in driver, the DLP requires no external wiring, and its narrow depth of 30 mm allows for mounting in tight locations. The DLP Series of front lights offer a 53 mm camera hole in the center for the 190 x 190 mm and a 78 mm hole for the 300 x 300 mm and larger sizes for ease of viewing.

DLP Front Light Series Features

  • 30 mm industrial extrusion
  • Built-in SMART driver – no external driver needed
  • PNP and NPN strobe input
  • Continuous operation or strobe mode
  • Analog intensity 0–10 V DC signal
  • Offered in white, red, green, blue, and IR

Standard Lens Optics

Lens Optics


Note: Not all colors/wavelengths are available for every product.
Contact us for any custom wavelengths, including amber, dark red and maroon.

Color Wavelengths