Diffusers & Polarizers

Diffusers & Polarizers

Smart Vision Lights

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  • SX30-DKIT-LPDiffuser Kit & Linear Polarizer for SX30/ODSX30 "Prox Light"; Not compatible with SXA30
  • S75-DKITDiffuser Kit for S75/ODS75 "Brick Light"
  • S75-LPLinear Polarizer for S75/ODS75 "Brick Light"
  • L300-DKITDiffuser Kit for Linear Light L300/ODL300 "Connect-A-Light"
  • L300-LPLinear Polarizer for Linear Light L300/ODL300 "Connect-A-Light"
  • LX150-DKITDiffuser Kit for LX150 "Direct-Connect" Linear Light
  • LX150-LPLinear Polarizer for "Direct-Connect" Linear Light LX150
  • LX300-DKITDiffuser Kit for LX300 "Direct-Connect" Linear Light
  • LX300-LPLinear Polarizer for "Direct-Connect" Linear Light LX300
  • LHF300-LPLinear Polarizer for Fluorescent Replacement "Direct-Connect" Light
  • R80-DKITDiffuser Kit for Ring Light R80/ODR80 "EZ-Mount Ring Light"
  • R80-LPLinear Polarizer for Ring Light R80/ODR80 "EZ-Mount Ring Light"
  • R130-DKITDiffuser Kit for Ring Light R130/ODR130 "EZ-Mount Ring Light"
  • R130-LPLinear Polarizer for Ring Light R130/ODR130 "EZ-Mount Ring Light"
  • DLP-190x190-LPLinear Polarizer for DLP-190x190 "Diffuse Ring Light Panel"
  • DLP-300x300-LPLinear Polarizer for DLP "Diffuse Ring Light Panel" (12"x12")

Standard Lens Optics

Lens Optics


Note: Not all colors/wavelengths are available for every product.
Contact us for any custom wavelengths, including amber, dark red and maroon.

Color Wavelengths