LHP900 Line Scan Light
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LHP900 Line Scan Light

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Line High-Power LED Line Scan

The Line High-Power (LHP) Series uses cutting-edge silicone optics and is ideal for applications using line-scan cameras that require high-in- tensity illumination, such as web and print applications, packaging, electronics, and flat-panel display inspection. This light also includes internal adjustable focus and 700 W of thermal energy for each foot of light. The LHP is the world’s brightest industrial line-scan light at greater than 5 million lux (400,000 lux in low-power mode) and the only scan light on the market to offer polarization (patent pending).

LHP Series Light Features

  • Built-in driver – no external wiring to a driver
  • High- and low-intensity selector
  • Interlock system for user protection
  • 24 V DC 40 A power supply included
  • Available in 365 nm–940 nm and white light
  • Optional wire-grid polarizer available
  • Available in 300 mm increments up to 3 m

Standard Lens Optics

Lens Optics


Note: Not all colors/wavelengths are available for every product.
Contact us for any custom wavelengths, including amber, dark red and maroon.

Color Wavelengths